For Sale - $4000


Best starter boat you can find. Hull is in good condition with a few small repaired gelcoat chips in the bow. Fittings are all solid, and rails look good with a few minor cracks. All the sails you'll need for your first year of heavy sailing.

Boat comes with the following items:

  • 1 Very lightly used race main
  • 1 Lightly used race jib
  • 1 Moderately used practice jib
  • 1 Heavily used practice kite (a few small tape patches along drop line)
  • Nearly new spinnaker sock
  • New, upgraded hiking straps
  • Alloy foils
  • Very old mast-down top cover
  • Seitech dolly with upgraded parts
  • Dyform Shrouds

Available with mostly stock lines or upgraded rigging package for an additional $300 (Jib sheet, main sheet, spin sheets, spin halyard, control lines).