Whether you've battled your way up through the regional and national ranks and are now looking to try your skills overseas, or you've just gotten into the boat and you're keen to see what the top level is all about, there are two main international events in the 29er class, which draw the best teams from around the world each year.

ISAF Youth Worlds

Think “Olympics” for anyone under the age of 18. Each country gets to send one team in the women’s skiff class, and one team in the men’s skiff division.  This event is the pinnacle of junior sailing, and to qualify you’ll have to be the top team in your division at the US Youth Champs.

29er Open Worlds

For the last several years, the 29er World Championship has drawn one of the biggest one-design fleets in the world with over 200 teams competing for the title of 29er World Champion.  The event is open to anyone, but there are a lot of logistics involved in competing in a World Championship regatta so start planning early!


Between the logistical puzzle, the costs of travel, and the time commitment required to do a proper lead up to a major event, it can be really hard to pull off a good performance at an international event, but the rewards are well worth the struggle.  The skills, relationships and lessons acquired from pursuing junior sailing at the highest level will pay dividends in any pursuit that you set your sights on in the future.  Figure out what you have to do to make it happen, whether buckling down in school to keep your grades where they need to be, or fundraising to make the financial side of the equation work, and get out there on the water!