One of the biggest developments in 2017 compared to years past is that we are working hard to lock in a schedule for the full year, so that we can be in sync with the US Sailing ODP program, as well as other events throughout the year.  We have a preliminary schedule in place, here, and are currently working on confirming venues for the remainder of the year.  As we do, these events will show up on the master calendar page of the website, as well as in the squad specific pages (SoCal, NorCal, PNW).

We believe in providing an open program that doesn’t turn away any team with a boat and a passion for learning.  The biggest logistical hurdle for us as a program, is managing the ratio of sailors to coaches, to ensure that everyone gets the attention that they deserve at every level. Because of this, we will be offering signup options for full season packages, as well as year long subscriptions.  When you register for many events at once, it helps us plan in advance, which allows us to get the best rates possible on charter boats, lodging, transportation, etc., and we hope that the financial incentives of these packages will allow you to commit ahead of time too!

By owning coach boats, and tow vehicles, standardizing coaching rates, and taking advantage of the generosity of the skiff sailing family to house our coaches and provide housing for sailors, we have really worked hard to make this program as affordable as possible, and we strive to provide even more value by sending sailors home with debriefs, videos, and practice plans for training on their own.  With this said, we realize that top level coaching like this is expensive no matter how you slice it!  We want to work with you to make it as manageable as possible, so if you ever have ideas for how to make the program better, and more efficient, please don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with us!