2016 November PNW TC


With a solid group of ten sailors in the PNW region, there are a few goals to keep in mind before the next event. I strongly encourage you guys to grow your region whether that is through adding younger kids or joining up with Canadian teams. I also think it is important to push your local clubs to let the 29er fleet become privately owned.

Share the Fundamentals

It is important that the group starts to create a culture of teamwork and sharing. It would be beneficial to organize days where you practice as a group even if you don’t have a coach. Go practice the footwork and handwork we learned for maneuvers until it is muscle memory. Front, Back, Back, Front.  

Main Trim

Be aggressive with pulling the boat into and out of maneuvers. A good tack can be completely done by the crew pulling on the trap into and out of the tack. The keys to pulling is to wait till the boat has maximum heel, then drop your butt hanging on the wire, and then pull your body to a flat trapping position and go straight to hooking in. The power in your sails come from precise sail trim, so focus on being consistent with where you put your sails. More info on that from the last debrief below….

There are two reasons to ease your mainsheet: either you are over trimmed, and thus stalling your sail, or your are overpowered, and thus healing the boat.  If one of those things is not true, you should always have your mainsheet two-blocked!  Here are some generalizations that can be made about the 2 reasons to ease main.

Main is stalling

  • Wind is lighter (light to side force)

  • Vang should be loose (goal of easing is to open leach)

Boat is heeling

  • Wind is stronger (driving force to windy)

  • Crew weight should be all the way outboard

  • Vang should be tight (don’t want leech to open off)


There are about eight videos that have been posted from the weekend. All have some really good information in them if you watch closely and break it down to step by step videos...first watch main trim….then watch body movements...then watch leaches….then watch rig movements...etc. Videos from the weekend can be found here. Compare and analyze like we discussed. Here is a good video of  Ryan and Wells at CalYC from the SoCal Squad in light air.


Spread the word to make the squad happen. If there are any questions always feel free to reach out.