This weekends focused was on “winning”. Most teams have a short period of time before they are in a place where they need to perform, and all teams should have this time set in their minds and calendars. But how can you win if you are not the best or if you don't have the time in the boat you want? This question should be going through your head constantly. We might not have that answer for you, and it will change with every individual. But the answer does not not start with copying the best, it starts by being creative and finding a way to sail your boat in the way that you think will make your boat the fastest around the course. And it starts by knowing where you are at, and changing your strategy based on your level of perspective (remember the mountain climber).

Mechanically: I really enjoyed seeing everybody's improvements on how all the teams looked sailing the boat. figuring out ranges for sail trim, placing your feet and hands during each maneuver in the same place is important. But, remember back to our debrief, there are two ways to sail the boat. You can make yourself look like the best, if you make everything look correct then most likely you will be close to sailing your boat correctly. But doing this does not always mean your boat is going fast. The second way is that it does not matter what you or your sails or lines or anything does, as long as your boat is going fast in the right direction (VMG). Copying what the best look like is a good start, but it might not always work for you or your team, and when you get to a certain level you will never beat the best by copying how they sail. 

Attitude or your mentality is close to one of the most important things if you want to win. Maybe this is your teams communication, how you psych up yourself or you team member, or what you believe will happen in the future. We talked about the winning mentality and being competitive and I think this will be the thing that will dictate who does well at worlds, who goes to Youth Worlds, etc.. All of you need to think about your goal with your partner and figure out what mind set you will have to approach your competition. 
After seeing most of you over the past few years and last weekend I see there is a large gap in the door for any team to sneak into the top spot and take control of the US fleet (this should be encouraging) especially with the attitude I see at the top of the fleet. If you are a top team who expects to win,  there needs to be a shift in your attitude if you want to make it a reality.