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Personalized Sailor Program Options

Also, ask about how we can help get your local program organized and support your local coaches!

Remote Sailing Coaching Options
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Video Conference: Connect with a skiff expert to master a tricky technique, a technical expert to review photos with you to dial in settings, or a campaign guru to craft the right plan for your team. Our network of experts will video conference with you using screen sharing to review your media.

Additional Video Debriefs: Need to talk to an expert a few more times throughout the month? We can usually set up an additional call on short notice to answer more questions, or address another part of your game.

Hours Tracker Monitoring: You fill it out, and we'll keep an eye on it!  The Hours Tracker is the best way to put a concrete plan in place to ensure that you're keeping your learning curve steep.

Local Coach Interface: We connect with your local coach to help raise their game, and ensure that they know what to look for next time they're chasing you around on the water. We want to raise the level of your regional coaching!

Personalized Programming: We'll help you take your hours tracker to the next level by working with you to design a personalized program, with specialized drills to help you peak for your goal event.

Campaign Planning: A well planned regatta lead up makes all the difference when you finally make it to the starting line. Our experts know how many hours it takes to get to the top, and how to develop all aspects of your game.  


Whether you need a technical expert, a class specific expert or a professional in another field (Fitness programmer, nutritionist, sports psychologist, etc.), we can help connect you with the right people!